Professional Development

LoveMath™ Professional Development

Ongoing Professional Development and Learning is an essential piece of the LoveMath™ application. Providing teachers the tools and understanding on how to best integrate the platform into everyday student learning is critical to its success. LoveMath™ teacher training allows every educator the opportunity to effectively use the tool, regardless of their math classroom model.

We provide initial and continuous training through:

  • Group Training – through our licensing models, teachers are trained to use the math application by our resident teachers.
  • Webinars – GPA Learn provides ongoing teacher training through regular webinars on various topics that directly relate to the math application uses within the classroom.
  • Application Updates/Feature Releases – the platform is consistently reviewed by current users and updated to include additional features that are regularly passed on to teachers. These updates are designed to make the platform more robust and teacher-friendly.

Training is conducted by our Learning Advisors who are all former teachers and also helped develop our math curriculum.

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