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GPA LEARN has developed the most innovative school fundraising initiative in education today!  With our revolutionary RaiseMath Challenge™, schools use our award-winning platform to raise funds for their school while raising student math skills.  Raising funds has never been easier or more beneficial to your  students!

How the RaiseMath Challenge™ works:

  1. Sponsors are enlisted to pledge a dollar amount per lesson mastered by students
  2. The goal is for students to achieve mastery in 30 math lessons over 30 days
  3. ALL students will have access to the math application, regardless of sponsorship participation
  4. Students earn rewards throughout the math Challenge as they learn using LoveMath™
  5. Your school keeps 65% of the money raised!
  6. Best of all:  your school has access to LoveMath™ application for the rest of the year – FREE!

GPA LEARN completely manages the RaiseMath Challenge™ for your school.  We:

  • Announce and kick-off the program and motivate students to contact their sponsors
  • Manage the collection of sponsor funds: it’s easy, painless, and secure
  • Train teachers to effectively use the LoveMath™ application in all classroom models
  • Provide support and assistance to students, teachers and sponsors
  • Provide data and reporting throughout the RaiseMath Challenge™
  • Recognize the participation of all corporate and business sponsors of your school

Download RaiseMath Challenge™ information here or email our team to get started now!

RaiseMath Challenge

What is the RaiseMath Challenge™?

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