Classroom Models

LoveMath™ Classroom Models

What classroom math model or program do you use?   Expand the section to understand the benefits of how LoveMath™ can assist you, your classroom, school and students.

Blended/Flipped Classrooms

Utilizing LoveMath™ in a Blended/Flipped Classroom

LoveMath™ provides teachers with a flexible, adaptable learning platform, personalizing every student’s learning experience regardless of ability level. With our digital lessons, students engage with a lesson on their own time, at home or at school. Due to the deep and detailed instruction which is aligned to state and national standards, students arrive at class better prepared. Most importantly, teachers track student and class progress via the robust dashboard, all in real-time.

Benefits of Using LoveMath™ in a Blended/Flipped Classroom:

  • Student Centered Learning

Teachers can distribute assignments and “homework” via the application. Students are also given the freedom to learn at their own pace by replaying lessons, noting difficulties, and discuss them with their teachers and peers in class. LoveMath™ allows students more time to acquire math skills, without getting left behind. In contrast, students with advanced math skills can work ahead, even across grade levels. As a result, this not only improves student achievement, but improves student confidence and behavior in class as well.

  • Lesson Accessibility

By making guided instruction available in each lesson in an integrated fashion, teachers now have a one-stop solution for Math in Flipped and Blended lessons so students who miss class for any reason can catch up quickly. Students have control of their own learning while being guided by their Teachers, which in turn builds confidence and responsibility.

  • Parent Access & Involvement

When enabled by your school, parents have 24/7 access to their child’s learning and achievement. Since the application is based on standards and parents receive real-time information on their child’s performance, they are better prepared when attempting to help their child.

  • Efficient Learning

LoveMath’s™ placement assessment and adaptive learning algorithms create more efficient study paths for learners. The placement assessment ensures each student begins their LoveMath™ journey at the exact right place. Acceleration and remediation ensure they progress at the right pace, on the right content.

  • Flexibility for Teachers

LoveMath™ is the only integrated instruction, practice and assessment K-5 Math application that provides Teachers real-time, actionable analytics, making it ideal for Flipped and Blended class use. It also assists teachers in managing the ‘logistics’ of personalized learning and gives them the tools to view student achievement across all classes and concepts.

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Traditional Classrooms

Utilizing LoveMath™ in a Traditional Classroom

Enhances the ability to present “essential” math concepts

  • Allows the teacher to stay in control of content and engages students with animation and gamified features.
  • Created by teachers, for teachers, LoveMath™ exceeds the National Common Core Standards.

Logically and consistently organizes course material

  • All lessons use Concrete, Representational, and Abstract problems to properly instruct and assess the learner’s knowledge levels. Adaptive algorithms in our Practice area create a smarter and more efficient study environment for the students. Students can complete the lessons in the recommended order or remediate and review topics where they are struggling.

Uses new technologies for the delivery of instruction

  • Students today embrace technology. By combining a learner’s love of technology and gamification,  LoveMath™ keeps students motivated and engaged. Increasing student motivation to learn is at the heart of the LoveMath™ process, providing rewards at various intervals so students perform better!

Maintains consistent contact with students and parents

  • A private social network allows teachers, students, and even parents to communicate on every child’s achievements securely. Our teacher dashboard drills down to view class and individual performance and progress, encouraging student accountability.

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BYOD & 1:1 Classrooms

Utilizing LoveMath™ in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and 1:1 Learning Classroom

Student Driven Learning

  • Students love technology. By making their love for technology and gamification a central part of learning, LoveMath™ keeps young learners entertained and engaged. Student motivation is at the core of the LoveMath™ application, providing positive reinforcement and rewards at various intervals so students strive to achieve.
  • Students communicate with teachers and parents within the LoveMath™ application, providing students with far greater opportunities to interact virtually on learning and assessment. Our teacher dashboard drills down to view class and individual performance and progress, encouraging student accountability and insights into individual student learning styles and challenges.

Personalized Instruction

  • Multi-media learning creates excitement and addresses different learning styles. With LoveMath™, students can learn and excel at their own pace within the parameters set by the Teacher.  Acceleration, remediation, and adaptive algorithms in LoveMath ensure your students are focusing time and attention on the right areas to produce the best learning outcomes.

New Way of Learning

  • LoveMath™ transforms traditional instruction into personalized and adaptive learning.  This pedagogical approach helps students learn by doing and gives them ownership of their math education. Interactive and enjoyable, it gives students more control over the pace at which they learn.

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After School Programs

Utilizing LoveMath™ in an After School Program

After School Programs should engage students in their education by providing hands-on learning opportunities that build on learning activities that happen during class.  These programs can take advantage of the LoveMath™ curriculum, providing students with an opportunity to remediate or advance math skills outside of the classroom. Our digital learning platform engages, teaches, and motivates students to learn math regardless of their ability level.
According to NEA Research:

  • Regular participation in programs that provide academic support contribute positively to children’s academic development.
  • Programs that extend the school day can increase academic achievement. However, researchers point out that simply extending the school day or school year has little effect on student learning unless programs make use of effective teaching strategies and curricula designed to engage students. LoveMath™ does both!

LoveMath™ extends several benefits to any After School Program:

  • Involving families in student learningAfter School Programs designed to bridge parents and children draw greater support. Our LoveMath™ application makes it easy for everyone to stay current and involved in a student’s learning. The “Engage” component of the platform enables communication between students, parents, and teachers.
  • Complementing school math curriculumLoveMath™ was created by teachers, based on Common Core and state standards in math. Because the web-based application utilizes a guided instruction component, students are able to complete lessons with little or no assistance, which is perfect for an after school program!  Teachers and parents get access to actionable data and a real-time analytics dashboard of student activities.
  • Attends to the needs of parentsLoveMath™ is designed to be sensitive to the schedules and requirements of parents. Because it utilizes vocabulary and lessons derived directly from most current math curriculum, parents are able to support learning beyond the classroom, regardless of ability level or understanding of teaching methodology. Parents also receive real-time results of their child’s progress.

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