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Suitable for any classroom teaching model, LoveMath™ is the most innovative and comprehensive online math learning application available.

Our revolutionary, web-based math learning application includes:

  • A robust curriculum with Guided Instruction, Adaptive Practice and Formative Assessments
  • A safe, encrypted communication network so teachers, students and parents stay informed on progress and achievement
  • Real-time dashboard views of progress by class, student, presented by topic or math standard
  • Professional Development and training for LoveMath™, which complements your current curriculum and a variety of classroom models
  • Personalized learning with access to all PreK-5 grades, powering remediation, review or advancement

Experience the most comprehensive and engaging online math learning platform in the industry today!

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3 Products in 1 Powerful Application 

Online Math for Schools

Online Math for Schools

LoveMath™ is created by teachers, for teachers. Learn More!

Each Grade Level Includes:

  • LoveMath™ Curriculum
  • Animated learning with guided instruction on each topic
  • An easy-to-navigate lesson map
  • Bite size lessons, with an average of 150 lessons per grade (K-5)
  • Interspersed Academic Demands (IAD) on previously mastered skills
  • Problem Solving Strategies, introduced and reinforced within the instruction
  • Placement Assessment: students are placed at an appropriate location in the lesson map

Each Lesson Includes:

  • Real-time teacher, class & student Dashboards
  • Instruction, Practice Problems (over 60,000) and Quizzes
  • Flexibility to advance, review and remediate
  • Guided Instruction through unique animated Learning Coaches
  • Practice Problems with personalized feedback, complementing student progress
  • Assessments to demonstrate mastery of skills, including access to incorrect answers
  • Scaffolded instruction approach using Concrete, Representational and Abstract Problem Solving
  • Audio options at all grade levels
  • Ability for teachers and parents to “test drive” entire lessons, showing the student experience

Online Math for Schools

  • The ability for teachers to assign lessons to students by Topics, Standards, Predefined or Search
  • Secure network for students, teachers, and parent communication, as determined by your school
  • Communication tool to encourage, support and help students as they learn

Online Math for Schools

  • Rewards are earned by achieving Master or Apprentice levels
  • Achievement of Badges
  • Points are earned based on achievement, rewarding better performance
  • Students use points to redeem rewards within the LoveMath™ app!
  • Teacher Provided Rewards:
    • For individual students or the entire class
    • Customizable by the teacher
  • Parental Provided Rewards (if parents are included):

“I love that I don’t have to grade papers while my kids use this program for math. The characters who guide the lessons are fun, and my kids are learning a lot. Thank you!”

Jennifer T.Teacher/Mom

“We loved the LoveMath™ program! All feedback was very positive, and the teachers used it whenever they had computers available. I had parents comment that they could see that their child’s math confidence and skills improved during our six week summer program.

Ann TedescoOdyssey Elementary Director

“The beauty of LoveMath is that it is an effective classroom tool that reaches every child and personalizes their math education.”

Dr. Kelley WaldronHead of Lower School, St. Andrew’s School

I like using the app with my students because it is very engaging and It brings the math standards to life.  It takes them outside of just using a textbook in order for them to learn math skills that will guide them along the way to becoming lifelong learners.

My students find the app to be very fun and exciting. I think at times they don’t realize that they are actually learning because of the fun that they are having while using the app.

Latanja S.4th grade teacher

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