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For School Teachers or Administrators only:

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Our “self-service” option will allow you to access our full LoveMath™ application for 30 days! Your students will be completing lessons immediately.

Follow these steps after selecting the link above:

  1. Create a LoveMath™ account by completing the enrollment form
  2. Confirm your enrollment by following the link sent to your email
  3. Login to your new LoveMath™ account
  4. Select “Create Class”
  5. Enter a Class Name and Grade Level
  6. Click inside the search box and select “Add Student”. Enter each student’s first and last name, a username and password and grade level
    Please note: a parent email is optional
  7. Continue this process for each student and then select “Done”
  8. You will now see your entire class list and your students are ready to start using LoveMath™ with their own username and password!

Should you need assistance along the way, feel free to contact us. For additional help topics, visit our support page.