Partners, LoveMath™ is an award-winning web-based math program for grades K-5. In our innovative application, math lessons are presented with direct instruction and over 60,000 practice problems for use as supplemental learning materials. Teachers and students love the gamified experience, which motivates students to excel in personalized math lessons and quizzes. Learners are rewarded for their effort and performance, while teachers can rely on the LoveMath™ animated learning coaches to instruct and encourage students.

What is a Community Education Partner?

  • A  Community Education Partner (CEP) is any local business who would like to invest in the lives and futures of children in their community. Businesses provide rewards to children who strive to advance their knowledge in Mathematics. Rewards can be vouchers, free passes, discounts, coupons or any other special promotion offers from merchants. We make it easy for your business to get started with this very impactful rewards program.

Benefits of the Program

Our CEP Program is designed to achieve 2 main objectives:

  1. Motivate children to learn math and love learning!
  2. Associate local business brands with this academic effort and expose those business to local families in a community.

How Does the Program Work?

  • Children obtain points from Math lesson accomplished
  • Partners add valuable Rewards into the system such as discounts, free child’s pass/ticket, etc.
  • Points are used by the child to obtain Rewards from the Marketplace category of the Reward Store
  • Children redeem the partners rewards and share their success with the extended family

How Do I Join?

It’s quite simple!

Step 1:
Decide on the discount or promotional offer you want to provide as a reward

Step 2:
Let us know how many rewards you want to make available

Step 3:
Send us your logo to be displayed in the application

Step 4:
Watch proud families celebrate learning math in your place of business

Don’t delay! Contact us at

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