Teacher Dashboard

Once you log into your teacher account, you will see an overview of all the features of LoveMath™ on your real-time Dashboard. You have access to high level class information and if needed, you are able to drill down into more detail on each student.

Here is where you will find any invitations to connect, messages and other notifications.

Domain Summary
Quickly view how your class is performing as a whole per domain.

Class Point Total
See how points are accumulating for your class to earn a Teacher Reward.  Coming Soon!

Topic/Standards Summary
Here is where you are able to SEARCH class progress by learning standard or topic. This allows you to see what math topics/standards the class is having difficulty with as a whole.

Student Summary
Find a detailed summary for each student’s performance. Drill into donuts to view individual time spent on lessons, topics mastered, percentage completed and more…

ENGAGE Activity
This is where you will find questions submitted, messages received and suggestions from your students and parents.

Time Spent/Lesson Attempts
This area summarizes your class totals for time spent on lessons and average attempts per lesson.

Student Dashboard

Once the student logs into their account they will see their real-time Dashboard. 

Lesson Progress
Has progress tracker based on completion of grade level; also shows the lesson goals of current and previous week

Lesson Summary
Displays mastery level of student based on completion of lessons; also shows the number of attempted lessons Points Earned: Total points earned from Engage and Learn

Emails from family, friends, and/or teacher Notifications: Here is where you will find any invitations to connect, messages and other notifications

Rewards Summary
Number of awards chosen and rated awards

ENGAGE Activity
GPA social learning network area; students can access assignments and communicate with friends, family, and their teacher